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Fast Train to Link Madrid, Seville

The New York Times | Jueves, 01 de Enero de 1970, 00:00:00

Spain plans to inaugurate fast, high-technology rail travel between Madrid and Seville next April with a train that will cut the journey from six hours to two hours and 45 minutes. The train, to be known as AVE, after its Spanish name, Tren de Alta Velocidad Espanola, will travel at up to 186 miles an hour

The project involves major renovations at stations, including tunnels in cities to minimize noise from the trains. The work has been completed at Atocha Station in Madrid and Santa Justa Station in Seville. In Seville, a terminal for the AVE has been built on the grounds of World Expo '92, which will take place from April to October 1992. The high-speed trains will have air-conditioned cars and a cafe car with telephones and a boutique. Between 10 and 14 daily departures in each direction are planned, but schedules and fares have yet to be announced. Next year, the Andalusian Express, Spain's restored 1920's train, will offer a program that includes a trip from Madrid to Seville on the AVE as well as the Andalusian's regular summer run from Seville to Cordoba, Granada and Malaga and back to Seville. From there passengers will ride back to Madrid on the new high-speed train. The four-day, three-night journey will cost about $1,900 a person in double occupancy. More information: (800) 468-2546 for the AVE; (800) 992-3976 for the Andalusian Express.

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